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Facebook Ads For Interior Designers: Complete Strategy

Facebook ads for interior designers

A lot of businesses can be advertised through Facebook Ads Manager. As the data is huge, different analytics metrics can help business owners, marketers, and advertisers reach their target audience correctly.  In this article, I’ll be covering the best and most reliable way to do Facebook ads for interior designers. This is not just about […]

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Which Activities Will Not Help With Lead Generation?

Which activities will not help with lead generation

The process of lead generation varies from the method that has been undertaken and each one of them takes a different time span in order to cater to the results as planned before. Most importantly, if you have not understood the proper funnel and didn’t frame out customer behavioral patterns, there are high chance that […]

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8 Social Media Strategies For Online Shopping Cart [Latest]


In the evolving world of the digital era, the number of online shopping platforms is increasing and the behavioural style of the consumer is changing at a fast pace. Anything that is accessible quickly on a mobile device, that market is gaining a tremendous share among the consumer these days. But as a business owner, […]

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Social Media Marketing Agency In Mumbai That Brings Results

Social Media Marketing Agency In Mumbai At Lucien Solutions, we are equipped with the refined skills of social media marketing (SMM) to deliver solutions for businesses from various industries. We are a team of experienced professionals tailoring robust strategies, targeted campaigns and engaging content that can deliver the brand’s unique goals and requirements. Our Team […]

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Digital Marketing for Med Spas

Digital Marketing for Med Spas In recent years, individuals have been increasingly seeking medical treatments and procedures to enhance their physical features. The significant surge in demand has increased the development of Medical Spas or Med Spas from 5431 in CY2018 to 8841 in CY2022. 81% of these medspas are single-location brands, showcasing the rapidly […]

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Digital marketing process for doctors

Digital marketing process for doctors A professional online reputation for doctors has the potential to drive their patient flow, improve engagement and grow their practice. Digital marketing for doctors leverages online channels to build a positive image in the industry. A medical professionals’ survey suggests 38% of them considered digital marketing essential to increase patient […]

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Benefits of digital marketing for doctors

Digital marketing for doctors or medical professionals is also known as healthcare digital marketing. It aims to provide practices with a good brand image that invites a broader patient segment while retaining existing patients. It is highly beneficial for doctors and practices to showcase their expertise, but it also benefits the patients. A doctor/practice’s well-established […]

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Common social media marketing mistakes


Common social media marketing mistakes Social media marketing (SMM) builds genuine relationships with the brand audience and provides a competitive edge that offers significant benefits and increases sales and revenue. SMM mistakes might often be considered menial but can negatively impact the brand and damage its reputation. It can lead to losing customers’ trust and […]

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Meme marketing: a trend that can change the digital marketing world


What is meme marketing? Memes as an element are very well established and relevant in the modern day. The rise of social media has led to popularity of memes and the increasing use of the platform for marketing has resulted in memes being a core source of social media strategy. Meme marketing utilizes the popularity […]

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What is a Personal blog on Instagram? [Best Guide]


It can be very confusing at some instance and to get a clear differentiation as to what is a personal blog on instagram and how it is different from other theme pages, I’ll be covering on the exact same topic. Personal blog can also be termed as an online diary of an individual on Instagram. […]

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