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Which activities will not help with lead generation

The process of lead generation varies from the method that has been undertaken and each one of them takes a different time span in order to cater to the results as planned before. Most importantly, if you have not understood the proper funnel and didn’t frame out customer behavioral patterns, there are high chance that many of the business development efforts will be wasted.

In this article, I’m gonna cover which activities will not help with lead generation, and the sooner you understand such practices and take corrective actions, the better positioning you can set out in your outreach/prospecting process.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Which Activities Will Not Help With Lead Generation?

Which organic activities will not help with lead generation

1. SMM (With No Clarity) :

Being active on social media and posting creatives that you like of your personal choice, such as mindset and promotional activities will never give you results in any form. As social media platforms keep on evolving based on their algorithms, customer behavior, adaptability, new features, trends, etc., 

Simply sticking to the same pattern will never build a good brand image for the business. SMM can be one of the effective tactics that can bring leads for your business all organic without spending any penny on ad budget; provided you know how to deal with it.

Some of the common mistakes that Business owners make on SMM:

  1. Posting excessive business promotional services content
  2. Being active and scheduling posts to only Festivals, holidays, or event basis
  3. Doing organic posting with no efforts put into community building/engagement
  4. Afraid to do organic experiments

If you ever fall into the above category, then this is a clear signal that you should think and setback the strategies that were in place and a lot of rework has to be done.

One key takeaway to make SMM (Organic) the best source of lead generation for your business is to dominate video content (short-form content). 

Providing value, and educating your audience related to business or niche can be meaningful to building a trustable brand and this will allow natural lead flow.

2. Wrong Target Audience:

One of the key elements and the basic step in the formation of market strategy is to get a clear-cut understanding on your target audience and if you fail to understand this segment, then no matter how good your offer, landing page, creatives, or ad message but nothing will ever convert.

Audience understanding doesn’t simply mean that you know about the demographics but all such related behaviors, their pain points, and quick solutions; all of them matter the most.

Getting the right information on the income segments is a key aspect in developing any funnel for the lead generation process as you don’t want to pitch or showcase your ads to those who cannot afford or will not be interested in buying that offer.

3. Blind Event Sponsorship:

There is a huge misconception that all such big events will bring in big business in return. This is somewhat correct but only if it is conducted in a strategic manner. 

Spending a huge money on events and inviting audiences that are not relevant to the business or services will only help in creating hype and nothing else.

Organizing events and promoting business services in such a manner that holds nobody’s interest will surely turn out to be a great failure. 

Also, another big mistake in such event sponsorships many business owners make is that they purely focus on marketing, and promoting the services (branding) but less than 10% of them make strategic efforts to take up the follow-up within the same events.

The purpose of all such events should be to collect a good enough customer (prospects) database; whether it is email, phone numbers, etc.,

Once any such data is collected, other marketing strategies can be developed like WhatsApp promotional services, WhatsApp broadcasts, Facebook Custom Audience Targeting, FB Look a Like Audience Targeting, etc.,

4. Ignoring Untapped SEO Keywords

There are many keywords through which you can target for your business. Now, SEO in itself is a long and complex process. But you need to place your business in such a manner where none of your competitors are targeting those keywords.

If you believe that SEO is tough and expensive because of this mindset, there is a ton of positive potential you are missing in gaining organic leads for the business.

There are various tools through which you can target such untapped keywords for the business where you find a decent amount of traffic and from there you can gain organic leads.

Which Activities Will Not Help With Lead Generation? (AI-Based Activities)

Which activities will not help with lead generation - AI Based

1. Broad User Acquisition (Via AI Chat Bots)

In this advanced digital space, where there are many super helpful tools especially when it comes to acquiring users with the help of chatbots.

At times, when you believe that your business website has started receiving a good amount of traffic and you have integrated similar acquisition chatbots. 

Simply, relying on the user data that is been acquired by the chatbots will surely bring in additional work in your lead generation process. So much segmenting, fake leads, or low-quality leads will be the major issue here.

Now, there is literally nothing wrong with integrating chatbots into your business website, but you need to understand for which keywords your website is gaining that data.

If the website is acquiring users through any service-based keywords then definitely there is a good chance that lead might be interested in your business services. But if the user data is coming from generic keywords or blog posts, then you need to understand that such audiences’ interests are completely different and they probably are looking for informational content rather than taking any service from you.

2. AI-Based Email Extraction Process

Indeed you cannot match the magical power that AI and other such automated tools bring in when it comes to collecting or scraping data from the internet as compared to manual human work.

But if you purely rely on AI-based email extraction activities, then there is a huge mistake you are making with the lead generation module.

Whenever you are starting off with the email campaigns for the lead generation, then after collecting the emails or any sort of data (Name, designations, company data, emails, address, etc.,) the second most important element in Email marketing is to validate those data.

You can validate the data that is been scraped from the AI system through tools like Neverbounce

Without data validation, all such promotional activities will not help with lead generation. 

3. Unmindful Belief In Ad Tools Recommendations

Running ads of lead generation for your business can be very meaningful and this can surely help you to drive targeted leads instantly. Running ads do require a brief understanding of audience, demographics, budget, competitior’s bidding, and ad creatives differentiator’s. 

While running ads over time, it would be very clear which of the sets or creatives is performing better for the services you are trying to promote. 

There are different stages through which a particular ad campaign goes and it is usually: Learning and optimized.

While the ad campaign is in the learning stage, there will be multiple optimization suggestions that you need to implement. 

As a beginner marketer, if you blindly implement those recommendations to your ad campaign, then definitely you will get results at a much higher cost. You will notice that your ad budget is spending too aggressively.


Formulating any sort of marketing strategy or lead generation activities without analyzing the core understanding of its basic fundamentals will deviate the objective and overall returns to some other standards. And continuing such efforts will indeed bring in more frustrations, where the error might be in one particular element and you will constantly think to change the entire strategy framework.

Analysis becomes vital in order to make your funnel to link with it’s every downstep segment and this is necessary to avoid any positioning failure.

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