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In the evolving world of the digital era, the number of online shopping platforms is increasing and the behavioural style of the consumer is changing at a fast pace. Anything that is accessible quickly on a mobile device, that market is gaining a tremendous share among the consumer these days.

But as a business owner, if you are looking for some of the genuine social media strategies for online shopping cart, then by going through the article you will be exposed to the sensible, working and latest ways through which you can acquire a good enough consumer pool at your business side.

Social media potential for businesses can never be measured, it is all about the correct strategy, audience targeting and right timing for any advertisement you put online whether it is meant to be for organic style or for paid terms.

As the demand for social media usage is increasing whether it is for entertainment or some action based module, integrating business related promotion can be very logical when it is done smartly.

According to Global Web Index around 58% of the users these days use social media platforms for researching any of the products they wish to buy in near time. 

And Social Media Today states that almost 90% marketers use social media platforms to engage with the customer online.

By all these quick stats and information on social media influence over businesses, if you have shopping based business and looking to dominate with social media, then you must try out the following strategies to excel in the business and gain some competitive advantage:

Social Media Strategies For Online Shopping Cart Businesses

social media strategies for online shopping cart

Building Brand Awareness

Social media usage is not just limited to posting online, gaining entertainment points but when it comes to business point of view, the decision makers can strategically plan out any of the product/service campaigns planned out in such a manner that can play a huge role in gaining wider audience attention.

Depending upon what position, what market and budget that you are going with, the awareness program can play a different role in attracting the like minded customer that might be interested in doing business with you.

Now, with social media the awareness program can be divided into two parts:

a.) Organic Plan – Building strategic funnel that is framed in the sense of enticing customers into: Cold, Warm & Hot segments.

b.) Paid Plan – It is important for you to identify where your ideal customer are mostly hanging out (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tiktok, Snapchat and etc.,) and then accordingly decide the awareness campaign for the same purpose.

To Setup Awareness Facebook Ad, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Create” green button
  3. Select Awareness as campaign objective
  4. Name the Campaign and click on Next
  5. On Ad Set Level, name the adset, then select the page & IG accounts and then on audience targeting define the segments based on – Demographics, Behaviours, Interests.
  6. Enter the budget amount. Start with minimum Rs.200 per day & then click on Next
  7. On Ad Level, Upload the ad creative and type in the Primary text, Headline and description for your ad and then click on Submit.

By following all these steps, your ad will go under review and once it is approved – Under Delivery section you must see “Active”

Monitor the awareness campaign ad for at least 2 – 3 days and the cost per result should not increase by Rs.5

Content Marketing

If your business is newly established and you are going on a tight budget, then the idea to leverage the content market can be a good idea to present and put your online shop in front of the customers online.

All you need is the understanding of customer preferability under your business space. In order to gain this data, you can easily research various social media platforms and some of your competitors as to how they are positioning their brand when it comes to organic content marketing.

Based on the factors like – Likes, Shares, Comments, Reviews & Active period, you can easily figure out how customers are interacting with the certain types of promotional material.

When it comes to content marketing, as a business owner or marketing professional it is important to note that you need to think about the customer’s mentality when it comes to making a purchasing decision. 

If you focus on the products/services which you feel that can result in more revenue in return, then probably you might lose a big market share in near time. But when you provide things which customers are looking for in a suitable price range, then cashflow will never become a problem for your business. 

User Generated Content

When it comes to the internet, each and every year period we come across some new trends and change in the behavioural pattern of the customers. Thus, UGC is becoming a new shift for the businesses that are highly engaged in online channels.

Getting customers reviews in the most genuine way where one on one personal interaction can be felt by another potential “buying” customer, then it becomes super easy for them to decide whether to buy or not. 

Positive feedback can play a huge role in sourcing large numbers of new customers in business. 

According to one of the surveys done by Stackla Survey – states that 79% of customers prefer to look for UGC before making a final purchase.

Many of the big brands (Under Armour) are taking a huge advantage by this alone effective method (UGC) to highly demonstrate product value and usability. 

A strong social proof of the business can indeed help with maintaining solid trust and credibility in front of potential buying customers.


This particular method is becoming a trend among the young generation. As social media platforms demand high engaging activity from the user. With the same application, the marketers can place their products in front of customers to attract potential buyers.

Whenever introducing some new product segment, getting the maximum exposure with strategic planning can be so meaningful in the social brand itself.

Giving things away for free but in return getting maximum engagement for the social media platform like Facebook page & Instagram page can help for pushing the other product promotion in the most organic way possible.

Trendy Social Media Marketing Strategies For Online Shopping Cart 

trendy social media strategies for online shopping cart

Urgency Promotion

One of the best and trendy social media marketing strategies for online shopping carts is to create urgency for that product and let the customer decide based on their true intuition and utmost urgency.

Whenever, customer is scrolling down some potential products that are related to your business offering, then coming up with some product promotion that purely highlights some engaging and urgent matter in it, then definitely they experience a confident purchasing decision. 

Often for shopping websites, when users just tend to fill the carts with products but they never make the order, then this strategy can be so meaningful in this condition and this can help with driving more sales for the business.

Cross Brand Collaboration

This may sound difficult to approach but when done with true intentions to make a bigger impact, then both of the brands can be benefited with this technique.

This social media marketing strategy requires you to identify a brand that may be a good fit in your niche but is not directly related.

Example: If your company is providing Sports shoes, then it would be a good fit for your business to collaborate with a brand that is providing Fitness apparel only.

Combining two business product segments of different brands as presenting them as a One Unit, this can surely be a very eye-catching element for the customer to hop by and check out for the offers.

Pattern Interrupt

One of the smartest and highest working social media marketing strategies for online shopping carts is Pattern interrupt.

Promoting business products to different social media platforms with this technique can bring a humongous customer base to the website.

If you are planning to promote your products through paid ads especially, then coming up with something out of the box ‘Ad Creatives’, then it can definitely make a positive impact towards customers. 

Example: When placing an ad over Facebook (Meta) platform and if you are using the color combination of Blue & White, then there are high chances that your ad might retain below average engagement and conversion rate.

But when you come up with extraordinary ‘Ad creatives’ in different colour combinations from the main bar like using Green, Yellow or Neon colour. Using such colour combinations can play a progressive role in fascinating customer interaction rate.


This segment is becoming a new competitive edge for many businesses in order to promote their products online. With strong and effective storytelling the brand can place themselves into a dominating position.

Storytelling helps in building trust, engaging a deep core interest among the potential buyers by presenting them with attachable senses with the business offering.

Whenever you give out a potential reason for the buyers and strong message behind it, then do feel a contributed member in that action and hence this allows to gain a good amount of customer base for the business.


It is important to note that every business is different and inorder to maximise the benefits from the above listed strategies, you firstly need to identify the customer’s basic buying pattern and your current business position and only then each of the strategy can be implied to that particular stage or phase of the business to get optimal results.

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