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The potential of network marketing has increased in the past few years due to an increase in work-from-home prospects, the wish to work and develop individually, and sourcing side income as well as the demand for products from a reliable source. The provision of opportunities in every industry and for every business to grow organically is one of the aspects, why network marketing remains and shall continue to hold relevance.

Performance marketing

Understanding Cold Markets

Understanding the industry and its potential client is essential. The better the understanding of the cold market, the easier it would be for marketers to transform it into a warmer one with customer acquisition. The cold market requires strategizing that focuses on certain target markets. Generalized messages fail to appeal to or grab the attention of the targets resulting in less success of the campaign. Cold markets are unaware of the products/ services and their benefits. Campaigns focusing on each target market’s requirements are more likely to receive a positive response from the cold market targets.

Why it is essential segment in network marketing?

Cold marketing prospecting is the first step of cold outreach. It leads to more individuals and companies being introduced and informed about the product/ services. Enabling an increase in response from potential clients, professional relationships, and revenue. In network marketing, Cold markets have proven to be the route to business growth and relationship building with potential customers. Their interest in the product/services and generation of new leads for the sales pipeline act as a source to further target and acquire more customers.

Steps In Identifying Prospects & How to people to invite to Network Marketing

Identifying prospects that have the true potential to generate leads is an essential factor. Here is a list of steps to identify the prospects in network marketing:

  • Research: Understanding the market segment and the prospects before meeting them, benefits developing approaches and targets better.
  • Foster relationships: Building relationships and understanding the prospect enables a better evaluation of opportunities for potential prospects.
  • Listen to the customer: It is necessary to pay close attention to the customer’s product needs and expectations as it enables identifying the most helpful approach to their market segment acquisition.
  • Leveraging the ‘product/ market fits’ criterias to understand the customer’s interest in the product/services.
  • The customer fit: when the product service aligns with customers’ requirements and increases the chances of customer loyalty.
  • Problem/ solution fit: the customer finds the product’s unique selling proposition– USP as a solution to their problems.
  • Run data analysis: Analyse the current customers, their common characteristics, and the sales triggers data, it provides insights to build different approaches while prospecting.
  • Target the best potential: The main focus of the developed strategies might aim for a smaller segment of prospects but they hold the highest potential.

Qualifying Actual Prospects

Qualifying an actual prospect begins with identifying and aligning the business’ goals and actual prospects’ goals. This follows a series of qualifying questions that determine the actual prospect. Disqualifying the prospects with no opportunity will enable narrowing down the actual prospects. It is necessary to know the correct questions and ask them at the right time. It leads to lesser time and effort spent on disengaged prospects and focusing on the potential ones.

Questions that answer the prospect’s passion for network marketing, their enthusiasm and willingness to learn about the business, determination to problem-solving, and experience will enable identifying the actual prospects. Apart from these basic questions, another list of questions that focus on and vary with individual business goals and the prospect’s response to hypothetical situations will also aid in qualifying the best prospect for the company.

How to invite people to network marketing to the right way?

Inviting more prospects might seem like another crucial step to increasing customers in network marketing. Inviting is more than a mere step, it is a highly appreciated skill that builds long-term relationships providing benefits.

  • Using social media or messaging:

Social media posts and messaging are currently the common ways to reach people. Utilizing it to sharing of important details of the meeting maintains a certain level of curiosity for the prospects to stay interested. It also leads to various questions that incline them to accept the invitation.

  • Maintaining it concisely:

Keeping the message short and precise without unimportant information helps hold the attention of the prospect.

  • Confidence is half the battle:

Confidence and conviction are essential factors in inviting. Prospects tend to be more interested and convinced with the portrayed conviction. Posture plays an important role in the portrayal of confidence; hence it is necessary to maintain it firmly. When they are approached with such excitement, it leaves an impression on them feeding into their curiosity about the business.

  • Provide time options:

It is necessary to invite the prospects 24-48 hours prior. This enables the prospects to easily recall the invitation and meeting occurrence. Also, providing them with 2 timing options to pick from prepares them psychologically to attend the meeting and also lets them know they are in control of their decision-making process.

Do’s & Don’t

A list of dos and don’ts to follow while inviting people

  • Invite interaction:

Don’t: Don’t prepare a monologue-invite to convince the prospect. It might lose their interest as well as build confusion.

Do: If the invite is being made over a call, it is necessary to maintain it conversational and interactive.

  • Optional:

Don’t: Don’t pressure or force the prospects into accepting the invitation or make them feel like they have no choice, it may have an adverse effect.

Do: Inform them that they are completely in control of their decision and not cornered.

  • Share information:

Don’t: Don’t share details of the business like its name and its work in the invite itself.

Do: Share other details like success stories and case studies, it encourages the potential prospects to maintain their interest.

  • Growth aspect:

Don’t: Don’t focus on the business and its growth aspect.

Do: Focus on how the conversion will benefit the individual’s growth in independence.


Every aspect of network marketing requires understanding the prospects and developing a plan of action accordingly. Along with that, to build a potential chain of network marketers, converting cold markets into hot segments is equally important. Approaching them might require a few steps like creating invitations catering to them and their requirements and other analyses but it leads to conversion and growth. Even though moving down the marketing funnel may narrow the prospects, it shows the most qualified conversion and development of network marketers.

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