How to improve organic SEO 

How to improve organic SEO 

The website’s ranking on the search engine result pages–SERPs determines the visits received for organic traffic. Having a good Search Engine Optimization–SEO has often proved valuable for the business. The website with the very first position on the google engine enjoys 33% of its traffic. Google frequently changes its search engine algorithm, and even though they don’t impact SEO rankings drastically, it is essential to constantly keep check for improvements. Some tactics allow boosting the rankings despite the algorithm changes. It is recommended to check the current SERP rankings and standing. It not only allows comparing the growth later but also determining the areas of improvement for effective changes. 

Keywords are the first and most essential part of SEO. Knowing and utilizing the high-volume keywords in a relevant context adds potential to the website for inviting organic traffic. Even though high-volume keywords have more value, the middle and low volume shouldn’t be ignored since they are as likely to bring conversion. One of the useful ways to learn more about your business’s high to low-volume keywords is social listening or conversational analysis. It allows knowing how the audience talks about your product/ services and utilizing it to your benefit for improving the keywords and basing content around it. It also gives you insights into the search intent and further enables you to provide relevant content to fulfill the searched query needs. 

One of the drivers of organic rankings is content. Adding quality content to your websites with innovative and rich information helps with brand awareness as well as search rankings. Original and unique content with genuine backing sources heavily affects the search algorithm. Confirm no two of your content are highly similar with regards to the topic or all keywords as it runs duplicity issues and might push back both pieces of content. In cases where both content links are shown on the SERPs, the backlinks are divided between the two. Rather it is recommended to have one page with rich-quality content. Reviewing and improving the content and keyword usage at regular intervals is equally important to stay relevant. Cornerstone content undoubtedly affects rankings and invites organic traffic.  

The title is metatags for pages that need to be rich, concise and engaging as they attract and boost clicks. Meta descriptions on the other hand might not be as directly affecting the search algorithm and rankings, they are equally encouraging and impactful. The 160-character description contains target keywords and a value proposition. Its act as a preview for the entire page becoming the selling point of the website and driving clicks. 

Alt tags are another factor that is often overlooked as it is not visible on the page but the fact remains their correct usage drives and improves the organic rankings on the SERPs. Since alt tags have the functionality of screen reading for the visually impaired, it is also a helpful feature to affect rankings. Avoid using long sentences, keep them as short as 3-7 words as longer sentences require more time and attention span. It is also important to note the alt tags contain the title or topic of the page. And lastly, alt tags don’t need keywords since they are already present throughout the page content. The focus should remain on enhancing the tags for its usability and boosting higher search ranking. 

SEO demands high-quality content with the above-mentioned driving forces. It is an effective and gradual process that needs constant improvement for higher search rankings. Even though the changes in Google’s algorithm for SEO aren’t always effective for the rankings on SERPs, sometimes they are. Google started preferring mobile-friendly websites over those that weren’t which indirectly affected the search rankings. Over time, web pages that used keywords that were highly common and used repeatedly across the content were not given the boost as the algorithm noticed no difference added to the market, hence it is necessary to create original content for the niche markets. SEO might be an old strategy but it is definitely not dead. It holds substantial digital power to drive traffic and conversion with regular optimization. 

“Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them.” 

Doug Kessler 

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