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Email Authentication

When sending emails to the prospects and hoping that you would get a reply at least at the rate of 10%, then probably this could be your biggest mistake. One of the key elements in any email marketing campaign is to ensure the addresses are correct and we will learn how much important is the authentication process in email marketing.

It is super important to note here that authentication may vary for different purposes and needs as you go along with the strategy in action in real-time. 

Authentication can be from within the Sender tools, collection process, delivery rate, or even landing area.

In this article, I’ll try to cover some of the key aspects you need to look at while checking up on the authentication process

So, without any further ado let’s dive in,

How Much Important Is The Authentication Process In Email Marketing?

How Much Important Is The Authentication Process In Email Marketing?

For a business and as a business owner you need to make sure that your company gets regular cash flow or at least business inquiry on a regular basis and for this many such organizations heavily relies on email marketing campaigns.

At this, many frauds or fake emails can be generated and they can be sent to your audience by using your name this may lead to de-fame your business and you may fall into serious issues.

Thus before sending any emails to your subscribers, you must make sure that your servers are safe and your audience recognizes your Emails.

When you opt for Email authentication it will only allow your business to present professionally in front of your audience, such practice will highly ensure that all such Emails are been sent by your company only and are not meant for any misleading, fraud, or trick subjects.

There are several methods to do this and the most popular among them are: 

  • SPF – Sender Policy Framework
  • DKIM – DomainKey Identified Mail
  • DMARC – Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance

a.) SPF –

One of the powerful authentications is that it allows only a certain list of senders through which you would like to get emails from the next onwards. It allows that your privacy remains to be the top priority and you will not get any emails from any other person but to those whom you have accepted.

So, the receiver already knows and recognizes the brand automatically.

b.) DKIM –

It uses a bit of traditional style to provide an extra layer of security by which any emails sent by the organization have a specific code/signature that can be generated by enrolled organizations only. 

Such secret code/signature will help the people to understand and will act as a stand-out feature to recognize the emails from brands.

c.) DMARC –

In order to make you understand what DMARC is, then make a note this system acts as a Superior Boss and it monitors SPF & DKIM. If there is any unusual activity which is not from a regular source or trusted one then DMARC will control things from their end.

Why Email Authentication Process Is Important?

Why email authentication process is important

1. You Know Where Your Emails Are Heading

The process of email marketing starts with collecting the mail addresses of the prospects and when you collect the required number of emails, the most common mistake that lies here is sending direct emails. 

Such actions will only build more time-consuming activities and will slow down the productivity rate thus instead of sending direct emails, you need to validate those email addresses beforehand.

To check whether the collected email addresses are correct and it is of relevant person or organization.

2. Improves Response Rate

When you have to make sure that you are sending emails or any kind of pitch of your business, services, or products through email marketing efforts, then it is very normal and expected behavior that you could see at least 7-10% open rates and response from their; depending upon the services/offers

It is indeed a fact that when email addresses are correct, then sending messages will obviously land in their Inboxes directly and the Server will not mark it as spam.

3. Builds Instant Trust

When an individual gets an email even if it is for B2B purposes, when there is brand association, and when emails are crafted in such a manner that it does not look spammy, or just promotional content,

Then it becomes way easier for the receiver to trust such sources and build some source of confidence among those brands or offers.

Indeed time emails may not lead to good results, but when such practices are carried out in such a manner where the background means are kept in a very professional manner and framed out according to the needs in a smartly funnel format, then you can expect a good response from email marketing campaigns.

4. Lesser Unsubscribes Rate

When you have already built good relations with the subscribers in a format where you regularly update them with such information that they can just be well aware of the service, products, or about your business keeps the subscribers intact with your business story.

Sending out emails with best practices where none of the servers are been hurt and no such individual privacy is broken, then definitely no one would opt for leaving you without any valid reason.

How Much Important Is The Authentication Process In Email Marketing?

As discussed above, there can be multiple usage and value that authentication process can bring into your business cores and mainly the criteria revolves around trust, recognition and better deliverability rate.

In order to understand the actual use case and better scenario of what could happen with and without authentication, let’s check out the table below:

Authentical Is Not AppliedWhen the organization/agency does not implement any authentication metrics which is SPF, DKIM & DMARCA tons of fake emails, frauds can be registered within your organization name and this can becomes a way to mislead your audience in some unnecessary activities which may result into their losses.
Email Authentication Is AppliedWhere the organization believes, understands, and truly values the importance of Email authenticationEmail spamming, fake emails, and attacks becomes much lesser as compared to other situation. But there can be a situation where hackers might win the situation if any authentication metric (SPF, DKIM & DMARC) went missing
DKIM ImplementedAllows organizations to embed special code or signatures to enhance their overall brand representation and professional presence. Email security gets an extra layer of security and the chances of emails landing in the spam folder become very low. Fake emails and phishing get reduced automatically. 
DMARC ImplementedPlaces the organization in a position where they built a system through which both SPF & DKIM work process is monitored and controlled to the best technicalities. It helps in providing a solid email-sending policy framework. By this effort, the email deliverability rate has improved.


In order to keep your organization’s name safe and to avoid heavy email spam and attacks, it is necessary for the firm to get those Email authentications done by their IT team. The basic principle of any business stands by the ethical code and to the statement that you do not want to disturb anyone’s privacy and it has to be your core duty to ensure that every such digital communication is safe & secure.

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