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Facebook ads for interior designers

A lot of businesses can be advertised through Facebook Ads Manager. As the data is huge, different analytics metrics can help business owners, marketers, and advertisers reach their target audience correctly. 

In this article, I’ll be covering the best and most reliable way to do Facebook ads for interior designers. This is not just about the ads but audience understanding, the type of ads where the result might be profitable, some ad creatives examples, and a lot more will be covered. 

Through this, the main idea is to give the interior designers a clear road map on how they can start with the Facebook ads and whether they should consider running ads on FB.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in,

Facebook Ads For Interior Designers

As an interior designer, you need to first understand the buyer persona/ detailed audience brief. 

Based on this you can place yourself in a position where you can set the ads in such a manner that Service offers, Budget, and Audience targeting all are linked and correctly positioned.

So, let us frame a proper audience/buyer persona to target on FB ads:

a.) Demographics Distribution

Age Group30 – 60
GenderMale, Female (Mostly Female)
Marital StatusMarried
ParentsWith children (Infant, age group 2-15, 15-21)
OccupationWorking professionals, Management, Top-level managers, Mid – Large-level corporate employees, IT Professionals, Sales, Marketing, Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Business and Finance, Govt. Employees, Small business owners, Own companies, etc.,
LocationIndia (Tier 1 & 2 cities)
ExclusionJob hunting, Students, Interior designer employees

b.) Interest Distribution

CharacteristicsDetailed, creative & organized
HobbiesDIY, Painting, Decor & gardening
InterestsDecor trends, blogs, architect magazine
AspirationsStylish, organized & luxury homes
DemandTime-efficient, budget-friendly design solutions

c.) Behavioral activities 

Budget2 – 5 Lakhs, 5 – 8 Lakhs (depending upon Income strength)
Buying habitInvestible purchase
Online shoppingReviews hunter, detailed research, testimonial dependency
Brands InteractionAsian, Berger, Nerolac, Dulux Paints

With the above-detailed audience understanding and estimated picture, you can decide how to frame your audience to get better interior designing service customers. 

If you are still not sure where to start and how to decide which audience will work best for you, then the best thing you can do is to go with multiple audiences and you can divide each segment into different ad sets which will be discussed on Ads targeting later in this article.

Type Of Facebook Ads For Interior Designers To Go With

Now, when you open your ads manager which is by default present on your profile section at the left side.


There are multiple ads through which you can target your ideal customers but not all objectives will give the outcome at the same expected budget for this, which ad objective will be best for the business?

As interior designing business requires constant and quick communication with the potential customers/prospects, for this purpose Lead generation and Engagement ad objective will serve the best response. 

Only, the ad objective will be different but the rest of everything remains the same like audience targeting, budget placement, ad creatives set up, ad placement, etc.,

a. ) Engagement FB Ads: 

This type of ad objective is best when you want to get direct messages to your messaging platform and that can be anything like IG, Messenger, or your Business Whatsapp number. 

Note: You cannot run FB ads to your normal WhatsApp number and for this, you must have a registered WhatsApp Business number separately. And then you can link that number to your Facebook page & Instagram profile.

To get the best returns and to think from a long-term perspective if you are planning to frame our ads strategy in such a manner where the ads duration is longer probably multiple times in a year (3 – 4 months), then it is best recommended that you only try to run Whatsapp ad.

The reason is quite simple, you get direct access to their number, and if in case if they are not interested in your service, then later at the retargeting stage or the next stage of ad targeting you can create a separate segment where you can create a look a like audience based on those Phone numbers.

b.) Lead Ads:

Now, if you are working as an agency or have a big interior design company, where you have different levels like Marketing, Sales & HR, then the Leads ad objective will make sense for this case. 

You can separately create a different CRM and integrate those into your lead ads and whenever you get a lead, your CRM will be notified accordingly. From there you can share those leads with your relevant employees like the BD Team.

But when you know, that you do not have such infrastructure and a better team to handle such leads ratio, then it is better to go with an Engagement type of ads. 

One major disadvantage when running lead ads alone is to contact those leads in real-time and when you are not being able to do so, then there are high chances that those leads will not convert to the best level.

Running Facebook Ads For Interior Designers

facebook ads for interior designer

Below is the exact and full step-by-step process on how to create perfect FB ads that will help in getting the best leads/messages from potential customers.

  1. Go to ads manager from the profile section on the left-hand side or type in directly to your web page.
  2. Click on the “Create” button which is in green color on the left side.
  3. Select Engagement type as an ad objective
  4. Under the ads creation dashboard – Type in the name of the campaign, then under the ad set section; type in the name of the ad set, and under the conversion location select – Messaging apps.
  5. Now select the FB Page & check in WhatsApp & then IG Profile (Remember, this ad will only run over WhatsApp)
  6. Set the budget and then under the audience section – you can place it in your detailed targeting. Mainly under the audience section you need to set – Location, Age, Detailing & Exclusion.
  7. Scroll down and then select the ad placement: Facebook, Instagram, Audience Network & Messenger. It is recommended that you deselect the Audience network & Messenger.
  8. Click next, now you will be under the Ads section; where you need to type in the Ads name, Select the ad creatives, type in primary text, Headline & description, and after everything is placed, click on Publish.

Interior Designers Ad Creatives Example


By following the above strategies and follow up techniques, you can easily set up Facebook ads. Remember, while running ads you always need a good amount of data. This data can only be obtained from ad testing period and therefore you need to run ads atleast for 2 weeks. Only then you can optimize the campaign accordingly. The optimization can be set to the different metrics like performing age group, placement levels, detailed targeting and location.

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