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As a business, you simply can’t rely on the traditional aspects and organic visits when you have a product shop. This one goes the same with Ayurveda products too. Taking advantage of online channels is a must and only then will it bring in more revenue to business overall. 

In the end, you don’t want to keep your products just on the shelf but in reality the aim is to market and sell. Thus, digital marketing for Ayurvedic products becomes a must. 

To understand the audience’s preferred availability, you need to visit them, which could be opted for by digital means. Ayurveda in itself is a holistic and ancient sort of Indian medicine that potentially offers a decent herbal solution for major and a variety of medical concerns.

Therefore to strategize businesses digitally, you need to get into a real space where you are actually in a position where you are well aware of audience interests, different techniques, and benefits of all such efforts.

Today, I’ll be covering every possible point where you as an Ayurveda product business owner can get a clear idea of how to promote your business online with the best results.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Understanding the audience for Ayurvedic products 

digital marketing for ayurvedic products - understanding audience

In order to buy some of the ayurvedic products the concern for such health-related products is very sensitive and people usually prefer to go with such a source where they can truly rely on and the products are being backed by certified experts or medical professionals. 

In order to truly understand what kind of audience really take part or is interested in ayurvedic product let’s divide this segment into 2 particular parts 


The concept of Ayurveda takes part in the routes of very traditional Indian-based culture where the majority of the exposure is done by people who range in the age group of 30 – 55 + this is the ideal audience for Ayurvedic industries. 

Now Ayurveda itself is a very wide space to discover and depending on the health issues, the field has been advanced and grown to such a successful level that even for small health concerns you may be able to find some of the good Ayurvedic products. 

The basic concept and mentality when it comes to purchasing ayurvedic products is that this age group people are truly concerned that their health should not be affected by any of the medication that they take. 

If any brand, whether it is newly launched or it was very well established in the past, if they are good enough to communicate this message that the medication will not cause any harm to the body then the purchasing decision for this age group of people becomes very easy and thus the demand of such product also rises accordingly. 


When it comes to the health industry and Healthcare the overall mindset of any Indian people is that the coverage of Healthcare expenses is not something very easy and it is not quite comfortable for some people to afford it very wisely at first instance. 

Therefore whenever there may arise any health related issue the very first common action that any member of the Indian society or Indian family would take up his to go for any homemade remedy or Indian base traditional medication source to deal with that situation. 

The roots of Ayurveda is also related to the science of yoga and meditation and thus targeting such a like-minded audience group who are regular practitioners of such mind and body relaxing exercise, the output could be best in terms of marketing spend and overall returns. 

Digital Marketing For Ayurvedic Products – Organic Channels

Digital marketing for ayurvedic products - Organic Channels

Google My Business

When you are selling your products locally and want to attract local customers to your store then indeed getting over Google My Business is a necessary step here. 

Google My Business for your Ayurvedic store will help in getting more visibility, where potential customers can also check the products available through the GMB feed section, different offers available currently, and your store’s overall rating. 

The higher the rating, it will automatically allow the listing to get into a higher position for your product terms at the local region. 

All in total, this will bring organic leads, and customers to your store. 

Social Media Leverage 

The majority of the B2C deals are often done at social media sites and you simply can’t ignore the market share for such an interested audience. 

The first thing you need to do is identify similar players (competitors) in your space and look after their organic strategy in terms of how they are arranging the funnel and attracting customers for Ayurvedic products. 

Understand which platform and which features have been used most by them and it could be anything Facebook marketplace, IG stories, etc., 

Notice the interaction rate and customer journey through such actions. Accordingly, set up organic social media plans for your products too. 

In order to get the most from social media organically, the best you can do is frame and place product offerings by audience understanding and their behaviors. 

Pricing can be a critical decision and thus placing products that which majority of the audience can easily afford should be the good-to-go organic start for your ayurvedic products. 


One of the most underrated means of getting traffic as the medium here requires a good amount of time and patience to deal with. 

Whenever you are planning to kickstart things with SEO, your first step should be to get decent numbers of low competitive keywords for which you can rank. 

Generally, direct product-based keywords won’t make any sense. 

But going with a broad approach where you can target particular health issues and the same ayurvedic products can bring good traffic to your website. 

Example: Ayurvedic products for knee pain for adults 

If you have a fresh domain website, then it is highly recommended that targeting low competitive and long tail keywords is the best way to go. 

All you need to do is to make a cluster of multiple keywords which can help in bringing decent traffic for sales or conversions rather than simply target highly competitive keywords that you can’t rank for.

Digital Marketing For Ayurvedic Products – Paid Channels

Paid channels to promote ayurvedic products

Merchant Ads 

When you have enough budget to spend on ads, then get your ayurvedic products online and in front of search results, so that whenever someone is searching for similar products, your products can be shown too.

For this, you can definitely try out merchant ads on Google. It is a direct product shopping ad, where the price, rating, and a short description can be made visible at first instance and this allows users to decide on whether to make a purchase or not.

Compared to any other Google ads strategy or campaign in itself, for any product – merchant ads can be very cost-effective and have the potential to generate better ROI overall.

By investing in merchant ads, your Ayurvedic store, products can get higher CTR as compared to search results ads, the first position is always taken up by the product display (when searched for product-related terms).

Higher CTR means higher exposure and more relevant traffic to the store and this will definitely allow the best inquiry and potential sales from the ad campaign.

Facebook Sales/ Whatsapp Store Ads 

If you are looking to promote your products online with ads and have a restriction of budget spending, then indeed you can try out the Facebook ads platform, where with the minimum budget you can get good enough leads, inquiries, and sales of the listed products.

It is always noticed that compared to Google ads – Facebook ads remain too cheap and the competition over Facebook ads is comparatively less. 

Over the Facebook ads platform, you can run direct Sales campaigns from the website (Store) by integrating Pixel to track every event that is happening from the current ad campaign. 

Or you can send traffic to your WhatsApp store, where your representative might take a first-hand view in order to interact with the potential buyer advise them in the best sense, and convince them to make a purchase.

Influencer Marketing

Although this seems to be expensive and to carry out an effective influencer marketing campaign, you need to invest a good amount of research, time to cater best and most active influencers in your space (Health, Ayurveda, Fitness and etc.,)

Depending upon the level of engagement and number of active audiences an influencer has, their charges might differ.

By using the audience advantage, it would be worth it to expose your ayurvedic products in front of them,

With this effort, it will allow your brand to get instant exposure and a decent number of interactions.

Whenever a brand is endorsed by trusted and highly engaged influencers, the brand itself gets a positive response and gains good credibility. One of such campaign can automatically create word of mouth for the brand to attract future potential buyers.

Display Campaigns –

The main objective of such campaigns is to get maximum brand exposure and awareness in a selected region. 

The medium of placement for such a campaign can be different and this also requires a good research time to make the best out of it. 

In order to make this a success, you must understand the audience, websites, traffic, and relevancy. 

Designing the product posture/creatives and then placing them on relevant websites that talk about health, ayurveda, and medical problems can allow your brand to gain some sort of engagement.

The best part about the display campaign is that it won’t cost much but allows you to gain maximum visibility in the shortest period of time.

Ideal places to start off with the display campaign are YouTube, Websites, Social profiles, and marketplaces.

How Digital Marketing For Ayurvedic Products Can Help?

digital marketing for ayurvedic products benefits

Reaching Targeted Audience

Whenever you are implementing any paid marketing channels, this allows the businesses to strategize the campaign in such a way that it can reach its most relevant and targeted audience. 

Now, this can be implemented through research, competitor audiences, health data, and different sources. 

Mainly, the campaign can be directed in a sense that only audiences that are or that might be interested in Ayurveda can be found and only to them the ads can be shown.

This will allow businesses to get the best results from paid channels. 

In this digital and AI-driven business evolving model, ayurveda businesses can also make the maximum use of such data-driven tools this will allow them to understand the preferences and behavior of the audience and such information will direct them to place ads to relevant audiences only.

Customer Database

Whether the ad campaign or any organic channel efforts resulted in the best success or not, every such activity will indeed bring in more customer databases as compared to traditional offline store visits.

Digital marketing is not meant for one-time marketing efforts but it is a means to collect data (customer base) and periodically place your offer in front of them to influence a purchasing decision.

Talking about paid ad campaigns specifically, as long as the ads are active will bring in the customer data but when you have collected the customer data from such campaigns,

You can later use those data and separately create a like audience through which you can reach and target more audience and bring in more customers in your next marketing campaign.

Analytics & Progression

Unlike traditional offline store visits, it is nearly impossible to track and make data-driven modules as to why and how customers are behaving and finding your Ayurvedic products. 

But when you are placing your products digitally, then with different analytical tools like Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, Google Tag Manager, etc.,

Every different action of the audience can be measured and brought under the scope of analysis for future projections and marketing success. 

With these analytical tools such prime factors as website traffic, bounce rate, interaction element, page load, and CTA’s can be measured effectively and businesses can use this data to further optimize their campaign efforts to maximize the results from it.


The strategy and the purpose can be different from business to business and based on your product availability and offers you need to identify a suitable channel of digital marketing for ayurvedic products. Only then such methods and different techniques listed above can make full sense. 

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