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Common social media marketing mistakes

Social media marketing (SMM) builds genuine relationships with the brand audience and provides a competitive edge that offers significant benefits and increases sales and revenue.
SMM mistakes might often be considered menial but can negatively impact the brand and damage its reputation. It can lead to losing customers’ trust and loyalty, which leads to a loss of sales. Lack of interaction can portray the brand as unresponsive and increase negative feedback. They can cause businesses to lose opportunities that could benefit growth.

These common mistakes strongly impact SMM results:

  • Incorrect platform: Every social media platform is different and has various audience segments. Using unsuitable platforms can result in low reach and engagement.
    It is necessary to understand the target audience, their preferential platform and its content features to analyse a suitable platform for the brand’s content strategy.
    Brands targeting business professionals can leverage LinkedIn, while those targeting the GenZ audience can leverage Instagram.
  • Inconsistency: Inconsistency in branding elements, massage and posting schedule can decrease the brand’s credibility and audience interest.
    A strong SMM strategy can help convey a consistent brand message throughout the ad campaign. A scheduled calendar can avoid post-inconsistency and losing the audience’s interest.
  • Lacking authenticity: Lack of planning and scheduling can lead to sharing inauthentic content that might not align with the brand. Users are always interested in authenticity and transparency. Being authentic to the brand’s value and audience can build connections with them for the long term.
  • Not using various content formats: Every social media platform offers multiple forms of content, which provides excellent results when utilised optimally. The user attention span is decreasing hence understanding their interest in content forms is essential. Understanding its insights and brand social KPIs can aid in developing high-quality content for formats that drive results.
  • Incorrect posting time: Posting during low engagement hours can lead to the post reaching only a less active audience. Understanding the target audience’s active time on the particular platform can be utilised to generate maximum visibility and engagement rates for the content.
  • Over-promotion: Although social media marketing’s purpose is promoting the brand, it can portray the brand as pushy and decrease engagement rates. It is essential to equally share informative and engaging content enabling the brand to remain relevant and maintain the audience’s interest.
  • Lacking engagement with the audience: Lack of engagement with the audience can miss out on an opportunity to build meaningful relationships with them. Actively responding to the audience’s comments and feedback and participating in niche-relevant conversations can build communication channels, trust and advocacy.
  • Ignoring negative comments: Although negative comments affect a brand’s reputation, ignoring them can cause further damage. Addressing them can showcase the brand’s willingness to improve and commitment towards customer satisfaction enabling the audience to build trust and loyalty.
  • Not analysing results: It is always necessary to track and analyse the results to understand areas of improvement and aspects that work well with the audience. It enables building a stronger strategy and planning content to drive better results.

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