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Digital marketing is becoming crucial element for almost every business and if you do not take your business online in 2024 and beyond, then indeed you will be missing out on huge potential and a big market segment that can help bring better success and growth. 

Today we will see how digital marketing is useful for those businesses who work under a limited budget and specially they based in Mumbai serving in total busy and competitive markets or have just started their business and how contacting the best digital marketing agency for startups in mumbai can help their businesses to grow positively.

If you hire any agency or company to do your marketing work, then first of all you have to see whether the company has an online presence or not and also check the background of the company to see how many clients they have served to date. 

Getting all the information about the company you are checking, can help in giving you direction on whether to approach them or not. It is also recommended to check their client reviews online and accordingly set a picture about them.

Best Digital Marketing Agency For Startups In Mumbai

best digital marketing agency for startups in mumbai

When you connect with Lucien Solutions, we can provide you with a service where we can deliver your product/services to your target customers in the right way at an optimal budget that won’t break the bank. 

At our company, we have different departments and expert members working along with us who hold better positioning in delivering the expected results in the best possible manner.

If any business wants to come online and aim to reach its target customers within a limited budget, then there are many such solutions in our company where you can get good results on specified terms

Our agency employs a comprehensive methodology when partnering with startups. Our focus lies in ensuring the optimal utilization of their resources, aiming to generate dual benefits for their endeavors. 

We go beyond conventional approaches, assisting them in developing innovative strategies that not only align with market dynamics but also position them for sustainable success.

Our commitment is to provide unique and tailored solutions that set our clients apart in the competitive landscape.

Important Criteria In Selecting The Best Digital Marketing Agency For Startups Or Small Businesses

You will find different types of marketing agencies in the market that gives you different promises but one thing you have to keep in mind as a business owner is whether they understand your goals and requirements.

Dealing with such an agency that keeps client requirements on the front foot and does not aim for profit motives but to build longer relationships should be the ideal approach for the agency to make a bigger impact on the client side note.

Below we have set some criteria. Whenever you are contacting any marketing agency, you should keep the following note in your inquiry process and you can make your decision based on the answer you get from the agency.

Budget Considerations 

In the market, you will find many big marketing agencies whose only objective is to make money from big clients, who have huge budgets, and in return, they get huge profits. You do not want to take any interest in such companies considering your budget at the same for this purpose. 

But you need to look for an agency that works on a low budget and has a major client portfolio that connects with small business owners.

Industry Experience 

When you contact such a marketing agency, they will involve you in different processes and whenever you talk to them, sometimes even the heads of their departments will talk to you. 

During this time you have to see whether that person can catch up with good expertise or not or whether the person understands the requirements that you have mentioned to them before.

If you see a difference between the two, then you will have to do a little more research into finding the right marketing agency that can bring all its value in one slot to deliver your expectations.

Nowadays, due to the digital era; many marketing agencies do have their website and they like to maintain professionalism in every corner and means and thus do have a separate page about their employees and overall team. 

On this page, you can check the individual specialties and their previous work-done in the industry (sometimes you can also check their social profiles to get a better taste of it) and all these efforts will help you in deciding whether they are the right fit for you or not.

Services Offered

When you talk to a marketing agency, you will get to know a lot about what services they provide. If you have a specific requirement, you can talk to them keeping only one service in mind, but when you talk to an agency, If you are doing research about money then it is better for you to join the money agencies which provide multiple services.

Client Reviews

The biggest thing that you can see before choosing any marketing agency is what their previous clients have to say about the company. 

If you see that the reviews are more positive, then it will prove to be a better agency for you. 

If you see that there are a lot of such clients who are complaining about their offers or their services, then it would be better for you to stay away from those agencies.

You can also check the marketing agency’s reviews on Google My Business or their website.

Pricing Models

Every marketing agency works differently in its way. In some places, you will see that the marketing agency to already quoting its pricing model on its website, and some marketing agencies prefer to give you a quotation during its sales process or pitching. It will be better for you if you choose an agency that is quite flexible about pricing and can give you a custom price package as per your requirements so that you can make better decisions.

Digital Marketing Agency Services For Startups


There is a basic requirement of any startup company that their branding should be created in the first place in which their logo design or tagline is included, then you will get to see all these services within the branding. Branding helps in giving the identity of the company where the customers can recognize a brand through its colors, logo, packaging, and different aspects.

Social Media Management

In this, you will be given the management of each of your social media platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Marketing agencies do like to go with a monthly calendar where all such posts and other content that needs to be posted will shared with you well in advance and only after your (business owners/ managers) approval, they will start scheduling it accordingly. 


If any business wants its business name should appear on the first page on Google for organic purposes or whenever someone searches about their services, their website should also appear on the first page, then for this the marketing agency provides services like SEO. Search engine optimization is the best way to get free, organic leads for the business but it usually takes time.

Paid Ads

This is one of the best ways to start getting customers/leads from Day 1, there are multiple channels like – Google ads, FB Ads, LinkedIn & Twitter ads. Whichever platform suits the best for your business, you can check the pricing for the same with the agency you are contacting with.

Email Marketing

If your business is e-commerce type or you deal more in B2B then email marketing proves to be a very effective means of marketing channel, where you can pitch emails to your customers regularly and inform them about your services or products. Making a funnel through email marketing in which you get a much better response and potential sales can turn out to be a meaningful investment for your business. 

Best Digital Marketing Agency For Startups In Mumbai

As we have mentioned above, there are many different criteria that you should keep in mind before selecting an agency,

Considering all the above criteria, we present our Lucien Solutions Digital Marketing Agency to be one of the best fits in this case, as we have a proven previous track record in delivering results and matching the expectations of the client every single time.

We have worked with a lot of clients in the past dealing with multiple business niches and have in different industries, so you can imagine that we have much better experience in the industries where you will see that all our employees, whatever your requirement is, they will we will look into providing you the solution to the best terms possible.

At Lucien Solutions, we believe in meeting the client’s expectations in every possible situation, and for the same, we do allow our work culture to adapt with flexibility and accordingly arrive at common terms.

Below we have listed the results of some of our clients so you can see how we are capable of delivering results.


How long does it take to see results from digital marketing?

It totally depends upon the channel of digital marketing efforts been applied to a business. Paid ads usually takes 1-2 weeks to start delivering the best results with higher ROI whereas, SEO might take 1,2 or more years depending upon the niche and competition serving in.

What is the ideal budget recommended to start digital marketing for a startup?

Depends upon the resources and expectations that a business has, the cost can vary accordingly. Choosing the right digital marketing techniques for a business is important. Just like SMM would usually cost around Rs.8000/- month where all management and paid ads can be included in the service.

How can a digital marketing agency help a startup to grow their business?

Digital marketing agencies usually works on growing online visibility and collaboratively makes a significant impact on brand overall profile where it helps in reaching the ideal customers within the specified budget. Market research, competition analysis, strategy making, getting better ROI all these major prime activities becomes a key responsibility for any digital marketing agency working with startups.

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